The Institute of Flight System Dynamics offers several modules for bachelor and master students. For more information, select the the module in the table below.

Note: Dividing between different categories of courses accounts for the latest Bachelor-FPSO valid since WS12/13 and Master-FPSO valid since WS13/14. For legally binding information, please refer to the TUM-MW Examination Office.

Bachelormodule (Bachelor Modules)

Mastermodule (Master Modules)

Ergänzungsfächer (Elective Lecture Modules)

Summer Semester

Flight System Identification and Parameter Estimation

Aircraft Trajectory Optimization

MATLAB/Simulink for Computer Aided Engineering

Nichtlineare Flugregelung
Nonlinear Flight Control

Flugführung 2
Flight Guidance 2

Operationelle Flugsicherheit
Operational Flight Safety

Hochschulpraktika (Elective Lab Modules)

Graduiertenzentrum (Graduate School)

Seminare (Seminars)

Winter Semester

Seminar Navigation und Datenfusion
Seminar Navigation and Data Fusion

Summer Semester


Teaching Collaboration (Vorlesungskooperation)

As part of the Munich Aerospace joint research initiative, TUM students enrolled in aerospace sciences are offered to enroll in classes at the University of Armed Forces Munich (UniBw). This collaboration supplements the existing syllabus and facilitates interaction between the research institutes in Munich. More information can be found here.