Key Facts
Lecturer Prof. Dr.-Ing. Florian Holzapfel
Contact Alexander Zwenig, M.Sc.
Language of Instructions English
Language of Materials English
Type / ECTS Lecture, Exercise / 5 (Master Module)
Semester Summer Semester
Time and Place Lecture: Tuesdays, 10.00-11.30, online (TUM-Online)
Exercise: Tuesdays, 11.45-12.30, online (TUM-Online)
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Moodle: Exercise
Prerequisites One of the following modules:

Content / Educational Objectives
  • Coordinate systems
  • Kinematic and non-linear equations of motion for translation, rotation, attitude and position
  • Models for the description of external forces and moments
  • Description of stationary states: horizontal flight, climb, pull-up, coordinated turns
  • Longitudinal motion of the aircraft: forces and moments, stability and controllability
  • Lateral motion of the aircraft: forces and moments, stability and controllability
  • Linearized equations of motion
  • Eigenmodes of longitudinal and lateral motion
Exam Exam in two parts:

  1. Theoretical section:
    • 45 minutes with a collection of short questions
    • Allowed aids: None
  2. Calculation section:
    • 45 minutes with 3-4 sample calculations
    • Allowed aids: All written notes
Reference Literature
  • B. L. Stevens & F. L. Lewis : Aircraft Control and Simulation, John Wiley & Sons, New York, NY, 1992
  • B. Etkin & L. D. Reid : Dynamics of Flight – Stability and Control, 3rd Edition, John Wiley & Sons, New York, NY, 1995
  • Jan Roskam : Airplane Flight Dynamics and Automatic Flight Controls, Part I & II 2., DARCorporation, Lawrence, KS, 1998,

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