Title B S M exp theo const Since
Certification of a 3D Radar Positioning System for a 600kg eVTOL UAV 2023-09-01
Preparation and Execution of the UAV Operations Lab 2023-08-29
Sensor Testing and Development of the Embedded System for the Optical Landing System (OLS) of an Airship 2023-08-21
Development of a Linearization Procedure Considering Tunable Parameters 2023-06-14
Modeling, Analysis and Control of an UAV for Mars Exploration 2023-03-09
Design of a Vertical Positioning Augmentation Architecture for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) 2023-03-08
Student Assistant for IT Management Tool Development and Process Automation 2023-03-02
DevOps GitLab Continuous Integration for Agile Flight Control System Development 2022-12-19
Error Quantification in Surrogate-Accelerated Subset Simulation 2022-07-18
Development of an embedded software framework for a redundant system architecture of an eVTOL 2022-06-13
Development of a flight mission planning application for an eVTOL aircraft 2022-06-13
Trajectory Optimization for Transition-UAV under Environmental Conditions 2022-04-28
Creation of an Open-Source UAS (Drone) Risk Analysis & Mission Optimization Tool 2022-04-14
Online Monitor of Unstable Approach Risks 2022-03-11
Implementation of Data-Link Communication Functions for a UAV Control System 2022-01-10
Weiterentwicklung eines Echtzeitfähigen Nichtlinearen Pendelmodells zum Berechnen von Fuel Slosh für Flugdynamische Anwendungen 2021-10-30

B = Bachelor Thesis, S = Semester Thesis, M = Master Thesis, exp = experimental, theo = theoretical, const = constructive

Dear students,

We offer a multitude of student theses and research attachments in all our research fields and we like to individually tailor the topics to the capabilities of the candidates. Our projects are highly dynamic and quickly changing, and lots of cool projects cannot be shared with the general public, but are available.

For these reasons, most of our exciting topics are not posted here on our website! If you want to join us in shaping the aerospace world of tomorrow and turn visions to reality, don’t hesitate to directly approach FSD staff or Prof. Holzapfel.

Looking forward to having you in our team! – Cheers, Your FSD Team