Title B S M exp theo const Since
Improvements to an Airport Database for Flight Data Monitoring x x x 2021-07-08
A Computationally Efficient TCAS Model for ADS-B Big Data Analysis x x x x 2021-07-08
Development of a safety critical electrical system for a sub-scale model of an eVTOL Electrical Systems x x 2021-06-11
Development of an efficient embedded software framework for a sub-scale model of an eVTOL Embedded Systems x x 2021-06-11

B = Bachelor Thesis, S = Semester Thesis, M = Master Thesis, exp = experimental, theo = theoretical, const = constructive

Dear students,

We offer a multitude of student theses and research attachments in all our research fields and we like to individually tailor the topics to the capabilities of the candidates. Our projects are highly dynamic and quickly changing, and lots of cool projects cannot be shared with the general public, but are available.

For these reasons, most of our exciting topics are not posted here on our website! If you want to join us in shaping the aerospace world of tomorrow and turn visions to reality, don’t hesitate to directly approach FSD staff or Prof. Holzapfel.

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