Test Interaction Console (tico) for MATLAB

Tico is a lean command line tool + a set of commonly used testing utilities to speed up your test authoring and direction processes. This tool is inspired by the Laravel “Artisan” tool, and built with a similar architecture in mind: a core dispatcher and a variable set of action handlers (that we call “call handlers”).

The name of Tico also refers to a Japanese Anime show “Tico of the Seven Seas”, where Nanami calls for her friend when in need of help. In a way, you can call this assistant for help, too: “Tico! Make me a class MyTest from template!” becomes tico make test MyTest. Here, tico is the command line argument dispatcher and make refers to the call handler class tico.call.Make that creates the target file from the given template.

This tool’s purpose is to:

  • assist the user in authoring testing tasks with dependencies
  • execute testing tasks with dependencies in the correct order
  • provide generic tools to write less testing code
  • provide an interface to generic infrastructure, such as GitLab™ and Polarion™.

This project aims to provide generic tools to author and run tests with dependencies. This includes:

  • generic classes for often used data structures (e.g. tico.Grid)
  • a generic superclass for test cases (e.g. tico.TestCase)
  • a suggestion how to organize project tests (e.g. test/ and task/ folders)
  • command line tools to interact with your test suite (e.g. tico <call> <args>)