SimulinkPolarion Connector (SimPol)

SimPol is a free, MATLAB®-based tool to create, maintain, and evaluate bi-directional traceability between Simulink® or Simulink® Test™ and work items in Polarion®. It is designed to support workflows of safety-critical development processes like DO-178C/DO-331 or ISO 26262.

SimPol seamlessly integrates with the Simulink® Requirement Management Interface (RMI) and supports almost all built-in functionality.

Download & Installation

We are happy to announce that SimPol is now Open Source.
Please visit our public GitLab repository for instructions how to download and use but also contribute to SimPol.

Features & Workflow

Allocation of work items

  • Create allocation files specifying a set of work items in Polarion to be implemented and linked
  • Distribute allocation files to developers


  • Bi-directionally link any Polarion work item with
    • Simulink and Stateflow model elments
    • Simulink Data Dictionary Entries
    • MATLAB code
    • Simulink Test Files, Test Suites, or Test Cases
  • Bi-directionally remove links
  • Improve your workflow by using a side-by-side view with Simulink for seamless linking with a minimum of clicks
  • Choose between linking modes: Direct Linking and Surrogate Linking (incremental creation of  a shadow model in Polarion)
  • Include model snapshots into linked work items
  • Write custom rules to select linkable primitives in Simulink and Stateflow


  • Show suspected model elements or test cases, which link to a changed work item.
  • Unsuspect model elements and test cases after adaption
  • Detect uni-directional and broken links and repair them automatically
  • Update model snapshots automatically
  • Synchronize the surrogate model


  • Analyze link healthiness
  • Load a Polarion baseline for review


SimPol Manager View

SimPol Linker View

SimPol Simulink Requirements integration