On this page you will find different software tools created at the Institute of Flight System Dynamics at Technische Universität München. The tools have been created as a result of the research conducted at the Institute. To promote the scientific progress in their research fields the tools are made available to the scientific community under specific licensing conditions. Please find more information about our software and the terms and conditions in the list below and don’t hesitate to contact their developers for questions, comments or suggestions.

“With FALCON.m you can set-up an optimal control problem in minutes and solve it in seconds!”


FALCON.m is a free optimal control tool developed at the Institute of Flight System Dynamics at TUM. It provides a MATLAB class library in order to set-up, solve and analyze optimal control problems using numerical optimization methods. The tool is optimized for usability and performance and enables the solution of high fidelity real-life optimal control problems with ease.


SimPol is a free MATLAB® toolbox to create, maintain, and verify bi-directional traceability between Polarion® ALM products and MATLAB® Simulink®, Stateflow®, as well as Simulink® Test™. It is specifically designed to support model-based software development workflows, which must be compliant to common standards like DO-178C/DO-331 or ISO 26262.


osgVisual is a C++ OpenGL toolkit which is based on ​OpenSceneGraph. It provides high level visualization functions for scientific visualization and vehicle simulators like flight simulators. It is primarily developed to act as visual system on the research flight simulator at the Institute of Flight System Dynamics, TU München, but can be used with minimal adaption in other visualization purposes.

Counter Optimization Library (colibry)

Colibry is a modular MATLAB / Simulink software package featuring a rich collection of optimization and optimal control-based testing methods that can be used to investigate the worst-case behavior of your system. The methods are primarily targeted towards testing dynamic systems regarding worst-case inputs and parameters.

Test Interaction Console (tico)

Tico is a lean command line tool + a set of commonly used testing utilities to speed up your test authoring and direction processes. This tool is inspired by the Laravel “Artisan” tool, and built with a similar architecture in mind: a core dispatcher and a variable set of action handlers (that we call “call handlers”).

Subset Simulation Toolbox

This modular toolbox implements an algorithm for Subset Simulation (SuS) using Markov-chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) sampling. This is a more efficient way to estimate rare failure events than traditional Monte Carlo (MC) simulations, where you would need to simulate an exponential number of samples for diminishing event probabilities.

Simulation Accelerator Toolbox

This toolbox presents an abstraction layer that can be put in front of our Subset Simulation Toolbox to simplify and speed up subset simulations with Simulink models. In short, it contains a custom code generation and compilation process that produces a binary simulation target that is optimised for speed in the context of subset simulation.