Real hardware for real solutions

Our research is focused on advanced yet viable solutions for flight control and navigation which can not be developed in theory alone. For this purpose we have state-of-the-art facilities at our command.

Research Airplanes

Our two manned research airplanes, a Diamond DA42 and a Grob G-109B serve as a flying testbed for new flight control and navigation algorithms.
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Unmanned Systems

Being more important than ever, we have a fleet of UAVs to test our latest results in the field of nonlinear control and data fusion. Our fixed- and rotary-wing configurations are equipped with a capable flight control computer that executes our algorithms in real time.
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Flight Simulators

High-fidelity simulation environments play a key role in the world of aviation. We develop and use simulators for student-education and for our fundamental and industry commissioned research projects.
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GNC Subsystems

Guidance, Navigation and Control involves the interaction of many different subsystems, also known as avionics. We set up a lab that covers the complete signal chain, starting from inertial sensors via flight control computers through to electromechanical actuators.
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