Key Facts
Contact Dipl.-Ing. Markus Hornauer
Time and Place Announced by the Graduate Center Mechanical Engineering


Content / Educational Objectives The course presents an extended overview of the software MATLAB / Simulink and enables the participants to work with it on their own. Starting with examples based on common engineering tasks, the participants will be qualified to develop solutions for new challenges independently, supported by MATLAB / Simulink.Focus MATLAB:

  • Introduction into basic functionalities
  • Plot of 2D and 3D functions
  • Data in- and export
  • Coding techniques and GUIs
  • Toolboxes Symbolic Math, Control System, Optimization, Curve Fitting

Focus Simulink and Stateflow:

  • Introduction into basic functionalities
  • Modeling techniques employing libraries, model references, bus- and signal-objects, style guidelines, model advisor
  • Automatic documentation by using the report generator
  • Model comparision
  • C-Code interaction (embedded code, code generation)

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