Flight Control Lab

Key Facts
Contact Julius Hoffelner, M.Sc.
Language of Instructions English
Language of Materials English
Type / ECTS Lab Course / 4 (Elective Lab Module)
Semester Summer Semester
Time and Place Thursdays, 08.30-12.30, online (TUM-Online)
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Prerequisites Fundamentals of Flight Control or equivalent
Registration There are maximum 12 places per semester. Further candidates will be placed on a waiting list. Registration is done via TUMOnline.

Participation in the introduction session is mandatory for all students enrolled in the course, including waiting list. Not attending students will be replaced by alternates from the waiting list.

Content / Educational Objectives The practical course Flight Control Systems Lab (FCSL) introduces the application of aerospace processes, methods, and tools used within the avionics and flight control software development process with respect to functional implementation as well as safety and certification considerations.

  • Introduction to aerospace recognized standards, practices, and processes
  • Functional implementation of flight control algorithms in the focus of aerospace development processes
  • Practical flight characteristics evaluation based on parameter design in flight control algorithms
  • Flight control computer software modules implementation for a specific target architecture
  • Evaluation of data transmission techniques in flight control system architectures with the CAN based ARINC825 standard
  • Redundant electromechanical actuators (EMA) within flight control system architectures –characteristics and implementation details
  • Flying and Handling Qualities of aircrafts in closed-loop with pilots and their Human-Machine-Interface
Teaching Methods / Materials
  • Lecture Notes
  • Exercise Workbooks
  • Experiements
Exam Homework will be set for each lesson. These will be examined and assessed in short tests. They contribute to the final grade as well as the written exam in the end.
Reference Literature