Key Facts
Lecturer Prof. Dr.-Ing. Florian Holzapfel
Contact Simon Hafner, M.Sc.
Language of Instructions English
Language of Materials English
Type / ECTS Lecture, Exercise / 5 (Master Module)
Semester Summer Semester
Time and Place Lecture: Tuesdays, 14.00-15.30, MW3618
Exercise: Tuesdays, 15.45-16.30, MW3618
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Prerequisites (recommended)
Content / Educational Objectives
  • Eigenstructure Assignment for Lateral Motion
  • C*-Criterion in the Longitudinal Motion
  • Autopilots
  • Automatic Landing
  • Flight Envelope Protections
  • Linear Quadratic Regulator
  • Linear Quadratic Gaussian Control
  • Loop Transfer Recovery
  • Kalman Filter
Teaching Methods / Materials
  • Mobile lecture simulator as interactive demonstrator
    • Linearization to create linear state space models
    • Analysis of aircraft dynamics with the help of MATLAB
    • Implementation of flight control algorithms in Simulink
  • MATLAB/Simulink is used in the interactive tutorials to visualize and discuss the properties of the respective control laws
Exam Exam type: oral
Reference Literature
  • Brockhaus, Rudolf, Alles, Wolfgang, Luckner, Robert: Flugregelung; 3., neu bearb. Aufl. 2011.
  • Lavretsky, E., Wise, K. A.: Robust and Adaptive Control; Springer-Verlag London, 2013.

This lecture is part of the Munich Aerospace Teaching Collaboration.