Key Facts
Lecturer Prof. Dr.-Ing. Florian Holzapfel
Contact M.Sc. Zoe Mbikayi
M.Sc. Cedric Kotitschke
Language of Instructions English (incl. exam)
Language of Materials English
Type / ECTS Lecture, Exercise / 5 (Bachelor Module)
Semester Summer Semester
Time and Place (2023S) Lecture: Mondays, 14:00-16:45, 5901.EG.051 (Hörsaal) (TUM-Online)
Exercise: Mondays, 08:00-09:30, 5101.EG.502 (Physik Hörsaal 2) (TUM-Online)
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TUM-Online: Lecture, Exercise

Prerequisites None
Content / Educational Objectives The automatic control engineering (automatic control theory) course deals with the targeted influencing of dynamical systems. The systems under consideration are characterized by the fact that they change over time, and they interface with the environment via input and output signals.The course will contain the following main topics:

  • Concept of automatic control theory
  • System modeling
  • Laplace Transform
  • Analysis of dynamic systems in time and frequency domains
  • Feedback control and stability
  • Design of single-loop control systems
  • Advanced control structures and state space design
  • Digital implementation of control systems

Please not that this course is also available in German at the Chair of Automatic Control. Also note that that this English version offered by the institute of Flight System Dynamics, will contain more aerospace related examples.

Teaching Methods / Materials The course has the following structure:

Mandatory sessions:

  • Lectures: All the methods are systematically derived and illustrated with examples. The lecture notes are available as Matlab live scripts.
  • Tutorials: Exercise sheets are provided weekly and solved as part of the tutorial sessions. The participation of students is encouraged through questions and comments.

Optional sessions:

  • Additional exercises: The material conveyed in the lectures and tutorial sessions is further deepened. These sessions offer space for additional tasks and illuminates the topics from the lectures and central tutorials from different perspectives.
  • Homework tutorials: Homework sheets with further exercises are handed each week. And discussion sessions are held weekly with tutors to discuss the problems encountered while solving the exercises.
  • Consolidation exercises: Discussion round in small groups of students to deepen the teaching material and ask additional questions and solve exercises together with tutors.

Note: Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the additional exercises and homework tutorials as they will help prepare for the final exams.

  • Date: August 29, 2023
  • Time: 13:30
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Exam type: written
  • Mixture of short questions and calculations