Bachelor-Praktikum “Engineering Project in Aircraft Simulation, Guidance, Control and Dynamics”

Key Facts
Contact Prof. Dr.-Ing. Florian Holzapfel
Language of Instructions English (incl. report)
Language of Materials None
Type / ECTS Project Work / 5 ECTS
Semester Winter Semester / Summer Semster
Time and Place Individual (group) appointments, individual supervision
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Prerequisites Contents of the first four semesters of the Bachelor Aerospace
Content / Educational Objectives Develop and demonstrate the capability to leverage the theoretical knowledge collected in the first four semesters for autonomously solving engineering challenges and implementing working solutions to application challenges.

For individual candidates and groups of up to four (4) people, the TUM Institute of Flight System Dynamics offers Engineering Projects in the following fields:
• Modeling, Simulation and Flight Dynamics
• System Identification / Parameter Estimation
• Flight Control
• Flight Guidance
• Trajectory Optimization
• Sensors, Navigation and Data Fusion
• Avionics and Safety Critical Systems

Application Domains include:
• Fixed-wing aircraft
• Rotary wing aircraft
• eVTOLs (powered lift and lift-to-cruise)
• Missiles

Types of work include:
• Mechanical Design CAD
• PCB Design
• Function Implementation in Simulink and Stateflow
• System Modeling in Simulink and SimScape
• Architecture Modeling in SystemComposer
• High-Level Programming in MATLAB
• Low-Level Programming in C
• Conceptual and Project driven work
• Theoretical Work

Topics are defined individually between the student (groups) and the supervisor – There is no free choice, but topics depend on availability – they are aligned with the current projects of the institute.

Teaching Methods / Materials The Engineering Project is executed individually or in groups of up to four people with at least 150 hours of assigned research work per participating student.

Progress is ensured and monitored by regular meetings with the supervising assistant.

Exam Min. 10 Pages of report

For group work, 1-2 individual pages per candidate that clearly identify the candidate’s individual contribution.

The report must present the task/objectives, solution strategy, and methodology, and the results achieved.