Flight Guidance Lab

Key Facts
Contact Franz Sax, M.Sc.
Language of Instructions German/English
Language of Materials German
Type / ECTS Lab Course / 4 (Elective Lab Module)
Semester Winter and Summer Semester
Time and Place (2022W) Tutors have been found. Registration via TUM-Online.
Introduction Course: Thu, 20.10. from 0900-1200 in MW3618
Prerequisites none, but Flugführung 1 (Flight Guidance 1) or Aircraft Performance is highly recommended
Registration Registration via TUM-Online.
Content / Educational Objectives
  1. Basic Flying
  2. Cockpit Layout
  3. Use of Procedures & Checklists
  4. Pitch & Power
  5. Standard turns, level flight
  6. Basic ATC phraseology
  7. Navigation charts
  8. Radio setup
  9. Crew coordination
  10. Direct to
  11. VOR & NDB Intercepts
  12. SIDs, radar vectors and ILS Approaches
  13. Procedure turns and holdings
  14. Exam flight
Teaching Methods / Materials
  • Two Professional FNPT (Flight and Navigation Procedure Trainer)
    • Beech Baron C-58 (completely developed by the institute)
    • Diamond DA42, certifiable FNPT-II bought from Diamond-Simulation
  • Real aviation charts
  • Video tutorial
  • CBTs for the use of Garmin G1000 avionics
Course Details
  • Students will be provided 10 course lessons in a group of two
  • The lessons will, in general, be held every week and last about 3:30 hours each at a fixed time slot during the week
  • Two additional and mandatory lessons in the plenary for the theoretical background will be provided (date and time are shown in TUMOnline)
  • The last (tenth) lesson is an exam flight
Exam Exam flight
Reference Literature Will be provided during the course.