Navigation and Data Fusion

Key Facts
Contact Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johann Dambeck
M.Eng. Jun SHI
Language of Instructions German
Language of Materials English
Type / ECTS Lecture, Exercise / 3 (Elective Lecture Module, Seminar)
Semester Summer Semester
Time and Place Monday, 03/27/2023 – Friday, 03/31/2023
MW 2101
Fakultät für Maschinenwessen
Boltzmannstr. 15
85748 Garching
The seminar and exercise will be conducted onsite this semester.

Registered participants will be informed by e-mail.

Due to the corona-restrictions, the seminar will be open to registered TUM students only.


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Prerequisites Recommended:

Content / Educational Objectives Lecture content:

  • Introduction & Geodesy
  • Inertial Navigation Sensors
  • Inertial Navigation Algorithms
  • Integrating IMU Algorithms
  • Navigation Error Propagation
  • Stochastic Sensor Error Processes
  • Satellite Navigation
  • Navigation System Theory
  • Multi-Sensor Multi-Frequency Data Fusion
  • Integrated Navigation Systems

Exercise content:

  • E1 Development of a navigation simulation
  • E2 Inertial and satellite navigation
  • E3 Data fusion
Teaching Methods / Materials
  • Printouts of the lecture slides and exercises are provided
  • The MATLAB simulation for the exercises is provided
Exam (Lecture only)
  • Oral, 30min, groups of two
  • Dates are announced in the lecture
Registration (Students) Please register via Email (name and matriculation number) at
Registration (Externals) Aufgrund der Corona-Situation wird das Seminar 2023 leider nicht für externe Teilnehmer angeboten.

Eine Teilnahme ist 2023 nur für Studierende der TUM möglich. Wie hoffen das Seminar 2024 wie gewohnt anbieten zu können.

Due to the corona situation, the seminar will not be offered to external participants in 2023.

Participation in the seminar 2023 is possible for registered TUM students only. We hope to offer the regular seminar in 2024.

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This lecture is part of the Munich Aerospace Teaching Collaboration.