Interdisciplinary Project: Development of Plugins and Extensions to Link Requirements with Source Code

Link requirements on Polarion with source code on GitLab directly from Eclipse / VS Code

We at the Institute of Flight System Dynamics are using the ALM platform Polarion by Siemens Digital Industry Software to manage our requirements of various research projects. We already have a tool to conveniently link the requirements with models and test cases in MATLAB / Simulink. In addition to that, we need a plugin for Eclipse / VS Code to easily link the requirements with source code. Polarion already supports links through a comment syntax in the source code. However, these links currently need to be written manually and there is no assistance in finding the requirement you want the part of the source code to link to. Furthermore, Polarion currently only supports collecting and parsing files from a local git repo on the same server but not directly from GitLab.

Work packages:

  • WP1 Research and evaluate plugins including their UI with similar functionality
  • WP2 Familiarize yourself with the Polarion/GitLab API
  • WP3 Develop a GitLab file collector for Polarion
  • WP4 Design a workflow and user interface to link between the requirements and the source code
  • WP5 Develop the plugin for Eclipse and Visual Studio Code
  • WP6 Document your developed plugin and extension
  • BONUS: Develop a MATLAB file parser for Polarion (using ANTLR, implementation for C code available)

Lecture for IDP: Safety and Certification of Avionics and Flight Control Systems (5 ECTS)

Your Profile:

  • Interest in development processes
  • Proficiency in Java and JavaScript development
  • Optional: Experience in plugin and UI development

Start: Immediately

Contact: Kevin Schmiechen