Donation page for the family of Prof. Dr. Matthias Heller

(donation info below)

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Students of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Heller –

Due to the actual restricted situation, the funeral of Matthias has taken place only with the inner circle of the family. However, as soon as society goes back to normal operation, his family plans to organize a public service for him in his home church.

What can we do now? – Matthias leaves behind four wonderful girls – his wife and three daughters.

Nothing can bring back a Dad – but we all can at least support to reduce all the nuisances and bothering implications dragging behind such a sad event. The family should have their heads free for mourning the loss and remembering a loving husband and father!

Therefore, a donation page has been established. You can find it at By donating you are helping and you are doing something great – every support is welcome.

Please forward and spread this information around – so everybody who knew Matthias is aware of it, his colleagues, friends, students and beyond.

Thank you!