Announcement: DLR Summer School – Flight Testing

TUM students have the opportunity to participate in this year’s DLR Summer School on Flight Testing, taking place Sept. 6-12 in Braunschweig. Participation will be recognized as “Praktikum Flugversuchstechnik” (Flight Testing Lab) by TUM’s Institute of Flight System Dynamics.

Students will conduct flight tests with DLR’s Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, equipped with relevant sensors and online data visualization. DLR test pilots will fly the airplane. The technical content of the summer school will be similar to TUM FSD’s Flight Testing Lab.

The participation fee of 250€ will be paid by TUM/FSD. Travel expenses up to 200€ will be reimbursed by DLR.

Application is open until July 31st. Please contact Lukas Höhndorf with a list of relevant exams you have passed.

For further questions, contact Lukas Höhndorf or Tim Fricke.