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ContactProf. Gil Yudilevitch
Thomas Lausenhammer, M.Sc.
Language of InstructionsEnglish
Language of MaterialsEnglish
Type / ECTSLecture / 3 (Elective Lecture Module)
SemesterSummer Semester
Time and Place (2022W)Lecture: Thursday, 14.00-16.30, MW3618
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Prerequisites (recommended)ED180006 Grundlagen der Technischen Elektrizitätslehre
MW9998 Modellierung von Unsicherheiten und Daten im Maschinenwesen
Content / Educational ObjectivesIntroduction to avionics and radar systems.
Development of the radar equation without losses and with losses and noise. Types of radar systems their equations, characterizations and parameters.
The use of pulse compression for better radar resolution and the matched filter for it.
Development of the target detection and false alarm probabilities in the presence of noise for various RCS. Development of measurement methods of range, velocity and angles. Description of the radar hardware elements (transmitter, antenna, receiver and processor), their technologies and costs.

After successful completion of this course, the students can apply methods of calulation and assessment for radar systems performances .
After successful completion of this course, the students can analyze and evaluate the probability of detection of various target on various radar systems.
After successful completion of this course, the students can conceptually design basic radar system using the required components and methods of integration.
Teaching Methods / MaterialsThe lecture will be presented using PowerPoint slides offering textual, mathematical and visual representations of the lecture content. The visual presentations include graphics as well as selected video material.
Exam90min, written, open book
Reference Literature Skolnik M., Introduction to Radar Systems, New York, McGraw-Hill, 3rd Edition, 2001
Mahafza B. R., Radar Systems Analysis and Design Using MATLAB ,3rd Edition, CRC Press, 2013