Key Facts  
Contact Florian vor dem Esche, M.Sc.
Language of Instructions English
Language of Materials English
Type / ECTS Lecture / 3 (Elective Lecture Module)
Semester Winter Semester
Time and Place Monday, 08:45 – 10:30, online (TUMOnline)
Thursday, 08:45 – 10:30, online (TUMOnline)

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Prerequisites (recommended) Knowledge in systems engineering, control theory or embedded systems is recommended. Moreover, students can understand and follow the lecture better, when they posess feasible knoledge about flight system dynamics and flight control.
Content / Educational Objectives After the participation in the lecture students are able to understand the dynamics and the system of an electrical vertical Takeoff- and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft. Students can state and model the function of the subsystems, such as the power train – consisting of the energy storage, the motor controller, the engine and the propeller – as well as the flight control computers, sensors and actuators. Furthermore, they can understand kinematics and dynamic effects in every flight phase; namely in hover, transition and fixed-wing flight. Students can handle rigid body equations as well as aerodynamic effects. In addition, they are qualified for stating the functionality principles of controller systems in every flight phase and for analysing them with regards to defined criteria. Moreover, students are familiar with certification guidelines for eVTOL aircraft.
Teaching Methods / Materials Teaching of single chapters within dedicated session. Lectures are held by the Institute of Flight System Dynamics in cooperation with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
Exam Written or Oral; closed book