Pranav Nagarajan

Research Interests

  • Safety and certification aspects of aircraft in the Part-23 / UAS / UAM categories
  • Run Time Assurance
  • Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA)
  • Development of safety-critical system architectures

Teaching Activities

  • Safety and Certification of Avionics and Flight Control Systems - Lecture Co-Supervisor (Winter Semester)
  • Components of Flight Control Systems - 1 session (Summer Semester)
  • Flight Control Systems Lab - 1 session (Summer Semester)

Industry Participation

  • Representative of the Institute of Flight System Dynamics on standardization bodies to develop consensus standards:
    • ASTM International
      • F38 (Committee on UAS)
      • F44 (Committee on General Aviation)
      • WG-63 (SG-1, joint committee with SAE S-18)
      • WG-105 (SG-13, SG-41)
      • WG-112
      • WG-117 (SG1, Secretary, joint committee with RTCA SC-240)