Idris Putro

Selected Publications

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[4] B. P. Rimal, I. E. Putro, A. Budiyono, D. Min, E. Choi, "System Identification of NN-based Model Reference Control of RUAV during Hover.", in International Conference on Intelligent Unmanned System, 2010.
[3] I. E. Putro, G. B. Raharja, G. Kim, K. Yoon, "Real Time Simulation of Autonomous Quadrotor, International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Flight Competition.", in IMAV 2010.
[2] A. Budiyono, I. E. Putro, K. Yoon, G. B. Raharja, G. Kim, "Real-time hardware simulation of a small-scale helicopter dynamics.", International Journal of Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology (AEAT Int'L Journal), vol. 82, no. 6, 2010, pp. 360-371.
[1] I. E. Putro, A. Budiyono, K. Yoon, D. Kim, "Modeling of Unmanned Small Scale Rotorcraft Based on Neural Network Identification.", in IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetic "ROBIO 2008", 2009.