Fedor Baklanov

Research Areas

Integrated navigation, attitude/heading reference systems, air data, magnetometer, GNSS denied navigation, fault-tolerant navigation, graceful degradation, alternative aiding sources, modeling and simulation of navigation systems, system theory, observability analysis, optimal filtering and data fusion. Member of the research group "Sensors, Navigation and Data Fusion".

Academic Career

  • 09.2011 – 01.2014 Junior Research Assistant, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Scientific Research Institute of Mechanics, Laboratory of General Mechanics
  • 09.2008 – 07.2013 Studies of Mathematics, Applied Mechanics and Control at Lomonosov Moscow State University


  • F. Yu. Baklanov, V. M. Morozov, “Stabilization of Desired Motion of a Quadrotor Helicopter”, Journal of Computer and Systems Sciences International, 2013, Vol. 52, No. 6, pp 955–962