On this page you will find a non-exhaustive list of North American Navigation institutes and institutions:

Research Institutes

Name Country
Aerospace Engineering Sciences Department USA
Automated Systems and Robotics (ASAR) Lab USA
Avionics Engineering Center USA
Central Intertial And GPS Test Facility USA
Colorado State University, GPS Lab USA
Cornell University, GPS Laboratory USA
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UCR USA
Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering Canada
Department of Geomatics Engineering Canada
Draper Laboratories USA
Extreme Engineering Solutions Inc. USA
GPS and Vehicle Dynamcis Laboratory USA
GPS Lab, Stanford University USA
Illinois, Department of Aerospace Engineering USA
MIT Lincoln Laboratory USA
Multiple Autonomous Robotic Systems USA
National Technical Systems Inc. USA
Navigation and Guidance Laboratory USA
Radionavigation Laboratory USA
Stanford GPS Lab USA
The Ohio State University, SPIN Lab USA
The University of Minnesota USA
University of California Microsystems Lab USA
Name Country
Institute of Navigation USA
International Association of Institutes of Navigaton Global
MEMS & Sensors Industry Group Global

Official Institutions

Name Country
International GNSS Service Global
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency USA
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration USA
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration USA
Official GPS Website, United States Airforce USA


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