18.01.2016 – Inertial Laboratory

Acutronic AC3340

In early 2016, the Institute of Flight System Dynamics has established an Inertial Laboratory in cooperation with Acutronic Switzerland Ltd. Acutronic is the world leader in development and production of motion simulators for research and industries.

The inertial laboratory is equiped with a next generation Acutronic AC3340 three-axis position and rate table. Placed on a 105 tons floating foundation, the Acutronic AC3340 provides a possibility to generate most precise reference motion for testing inertial sensors.

The laboratory will be used for an in-depth investigation of inertial sensor error characteristics, as well as for the development of time optimal, balanced and high-end inertial sensor calibration techniques.

christopher-blum_small Christopher Blum
Inertial Sensors & Laboratory

05.11.2016 – Multi GNSS

Results of our research on multi-GNSS have been presented at AIRTEC Aerospace Congress 2015 at Munich. The presentation, titled “Selection of Multi-GNSS Satellite Geometry”, illustrated different techniques for handling multiple GNSS simultaniously.


As illustrated in the above animation, more than ten satellites of different Satellite Navigation Systems are visible from most locations on earth. The aim of this research is to select an optimal subset from all the received satellite signals, in order to save the computational burden of a GNSS receiver, in the meantime, having good geometry performance for positioning, navigation and timing.

Yahao Cheng
Satellite Navigation